Kindermusik Sign & Sing – 6 months to 3 years old

From the moment you met him, you want to understand your baby. What is he thinking? Is he hungry, tired, too cold, content? Early on your baby also has an innate desire to communicate with you.

In a Kindermusik Sign & Sing class (developed by Signing Smart™), we give you the tools and knowledge to communicate with each other using American Sign Language. Through songs and play, you’ll both learn signs for words like “mommy” and “eat,” and you’ll know if he wants “more” “milk” and when he’s “all done.” This research-proven signing class for hearing children speeds language development, eases frustration, and enhances long-term learning abilities.

What you’ll experience in class:
You’ll play, sign, and sing.
Using everyday items in engaging small and large group activities, we’ll sing songs and practice the sign as we say the words, play with toys, and help her learn both the spoken word and the sign.

Expert advice
You’ll learn to spot your baby’s most “teachable moments” and the sign language teaching methods of the experts. Plus you’ll learn to recognize and respond to your child’s versions of signs.

Communication through sign language
When your child is chasing a bubble or asking for the ball, you’ll make the sign for it and say the word. So she has the ways to associate the word with the object: she holds the ball, she hears you say the word, and she sees you make the sign.