Meet our Kindermusik Educators

Kindermusik brings the joy of musical learning to children newborn through seven years of age. For more than 30 years, it has helped millions of children worldwide explore, express, and discover. Here you can get to know more about our Kindermusik Educators who have helped transform children’s lives with music.
Ms Yeoh SI (Mrs Teoh)
Bachelor of Music Education majoring in Music Education
The University of Western Australia (1992).

Mrs Teoh is an accomplished Piano player and music educator. She has studied piano with such eminent pedagogue like Brian Michell and Cathie Travers. with additional intensive studies under the renowned American pianist Barry Synder (Winner of the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition). She won the First Prize and was a recipient of the Waveney Wansbrough Memorial Prize in Duo Performance (1989). She served as a Music Specialist in the music education program in Floreat Primary School, St. Hildas Primary and Secondary Schools of Western Australia.

Currently she is the Instructor of Piano, Theory and Aural up to Diploma level at the Selangor Institute of Music (SIM) and is also the Head of SIM Academic Consultant Committee responsible for the quality control at the institute. Appointed Vice-Principal of S.I.M. in 1992 and was a winner of SIM Excellence Award  for Outstanding Teaching in 1997.

A licensed educator of Kindermusik at SIM, since 1996, she has conducted over 2,500 Kindermusik classes covering the entire range of Kindermusik curriculum. Being the pioneer in Kindermusik Educator in Malaysia means she is also among the most experienced Kindermusik educator and has worked with more than 3,000 families.

Mrs Teoh is also the first Malaysian to be trained & was appointed as a Kindermusik Mentor for training new kindermusik educators.
She has conducted workshops for parents to encourage and expose parents to musical activities that are beneficial to children in the long run.


Ms Tang Choong Kae (CK)

CK holds a Diploma in Music with additional formal training in singing and flute playing. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching music to all age group, from young children to retired senior citizens.

She has been a certified Kindermusik educator since 2000 and is experienced in teaching the full range of Kindermusik programs from newborn to 7 years old.

Over the years, CK received multiple “SIM Excellent Teacher Awards” for being a dedicated and outstanding teacher of Selangor Institute of Music (SIM). She has been member of the SIM Academic Board since 2001, serving as one of the academic advisor to over forty music educators in SIM. As a valued member of the Academic Board she spearhead the coordination of SIM concerts, camps and seminars for student, parents and teachers.

She participates actively in various international music events like the Dalcroze 5 days workshops, Taubman Symposiums, Taiwan Percussion Ensemble Training Convention and KEA (Kindermusik Educators Association) Convention in the USA.


Valeria Karina Vieytes (Miss Val)

Valeria (Ms Val) started her music journey young, studying piano with Professor Elsa Scordamaglia and learned the guitar in the Centro Cultural de Olivos (Olivos Cultural Center) during her youth.

She graduated from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and started a long career in the corporate world. In year 2000 while based in the Dominican Republic she was looking for a way to foster the love for music in her daughter. It was during this time that she was introduced to an “incredibly successful music and movement program” called Kindermusik. She instantly became a Kindermusik mother and big fan of the Kindermusik Programs.

In 2006, Ms Val obtained her Kindermusik Educator License when she moved to Florida. She joined the Kindermusik program at “Closing the Gaps Learning Center in Coral Gables”.

In the following year she moved to Seoul, South Korea and continued teaching Kindermusik at various places. She taught at the Kindermusik Korea’s Seongbuk Studio, Kindermusik at the Seoul Foreign School and the Seoul International Women Association (SIWA). In addition to Kindermusik she also taught music program at the preschool “Bright Beginnings” in Seongbuk-dong.

In 2010 she moved to Kuala Lumpur and enrolled her son in the Kindermusik program at Selangor Institute of Music and is now part of the team of our licensed-educators.

Ms Val continuously develops herself, having taken voice lessons with Carolina Kim and classical singing with soprano Marianne Koestler-Medek whilst in Seoul. She also successfully completed the Level 1 of Orff Schulwerk certification from the Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk (ANCOS) with Dr. Carol Richards in 2010 as well as participated in the Kodaly Musicianship Course at Young Choral Academy with renown lecturer, Susanna Saw.

June Yeow

June has over 20 years’ experience as a piano teacher, nurturing students through the whole musical learning process, from young till their graduation at Diploma level. Born with perfect pitch, she could easily recognize and recall musical tones/notes without the benefit of an external reference.

She holds qualifications from the Associate of Trinity College of London (ATCL) and Licentiate of Trinity College of London (LTCL) in piano, performing and teaching. She also has formal training in violin and ballet.

She has participated in public events. Some of the events are as follows:
1) Performed the opening act for Roger Stevenson’s Puppet Show
2) Played on Radio Malaysia
3) Sang with The (Baroque) Choristers (the highlight being Handel’s “The Messiah”)
4) Actively involved in musical activities at her church’s events, playing different musical instruments.

June enrolled both her children for Kindermusik At SIM when they were 3 years old. She has been diligently bringing both her children for Kindermusik classes every week until completion at Kindermusik Young Child 4.

June loves & enjoys teaching children and coupled with her exposure to Kindermusik prompted her to be an internationally-licensed Kindermusik educator. This is consistent with her belief that music education can and should be taught in a fun, yet effective way.

Jenny Looi

Jenny is a graduate from the University of Western Australia, with a degree in Econometric (Quantity Economics) and she holds a piano qualification up to Grade 8.

She started as a Kindermusik Mom when she brought her 2 year old eldest son for Kindermusik classes. With her innate understanding and love of children became a certified Kindermusik educator in 2006.  With her passion in music and the love for children, she also started Kindermusik Sign and Sing program having see her daughter benefitted from this program.

Her goal is to bring joy and happiness into every child’s life, including those need special care and autism.   She is also preparing herself to enter the ground of Music Therapy and sign language for the Autistic child. She has actively participated in various international music events like the Dalcroze, Kodaly and Orff workshops.


Lily Chong

Performer’s Certificate  ( Trinity College)
Associate from Trinity College,  London  (ATCL)
Licentiate from Trinity College ,  London  (LTCL)
Licentiate from Royal Schools of  Music  (LRSM)
Kindermusik Educator

Lily started learning the piano at age 5 from Miss Teoh (Section 5). Later, she continued her music studies in Singapore.  After teaching music for approximately  20  years , she decided to branch out into Kindermusik . What better way to reach and touch the lives of the young but through.

QUOTE:  “I know that the 12 notes in each octave and the varieties of rhythm offer one  opportunities that all human genius will never exhaust.”

Other than the piano, Lily plays the electone (Grade 6 Yamaha) and very basic violin.  Currently, her new interest is blowing the recorder .She has obtained a Distinction for Grade 5 in recorder. Now, she is learning to blow the soprano and alto recorder for Grade 6.  During her spare time, she reads and plays with her dogs.