Kindermusik Village is a weekly class for newborns through 18 months accompanied by a parent or caregiver.
This story of Annie and her mummy is representative of the many children and parents who have experienced a day in Kindermusik Village class.

Gathering Time
Quiet gentle music was playing when Annie and I rushed into the room after rushing through Saturday’s traffic jam. A few other babies were already exploring on the floor and Moms and Dads were exchanging experiences of dancing with their babies at home during the week. It was so soothing compared to the situattion hardlyly 10 minutes ago.

Annie loved lying on the floor and having me gently rubs her chest with the “heart shaped” movement her back. And I learned  that this kind of touch can help her digestion and teach her to relax. And I too start to feel more relaxed.

Exercise and Balance
When we kept the steady beat to London Bridge by touching one arm to the opposite foot, I learned we were developing very important pre-reading skills. I watched the walker do this while standing up and I was just tring to imagine that Annie will reach that stage in  a few months. But today she was happy on my lap…. it was just such a wonderful feeling.

Baby’s Book
With our Vilalge home materials, we received a beautiful book for infants. We read the book in class, exploring ways to use our voices. I must admit that I felt a little silly at firstbut when Annie began to imitate my sounds, I felt like she was speaking to me. I learned about the importance of using my voice to play with her and concentrating on sounds instead of words.

We trotted in circles, flew through the air and jumped on the floor in a group dance. Annie laughed out loud as she met with eight other flying babies in the centre of the circle . I discovered three new ways  to letAnnie see the world by holding her in different positions.

Quiet Time
I really appreciate these few minutes to lie down on the floor and relax. It seems that the only time I really relax with Annie is when I am putting her down to sleep, I loved watching all the babies, some of them crawling on their moms, some exploring the room, and some just lying down taking it all in. Now we share quiet time at home together.

Foundations of Learning (TM)
On top of all the fun, I learned so much from our Kindermusik Teacher about the importanceof each activity for Annie’s development. Like how repetition helps develop the brain’s neural pathways and how going barefooted helps Annie learn about touch and feeling through the sensory nerves in her feet.

We always sing such a wonderful variety of songs and it really helps to have the words posted on the wall. We have a Kindermusik Home CD which Annie and I love to listen and sing to in the car. It includes songs that we don’t sing in class and the quality of the music is very good.

Her eyes opened wide when that instrument she grabbed made a sound. Then her face showed surprise and delight when Annie realised she was the one who caused the sound to ring out. It’s a wonderful moment as a parent to see her make that connection for the first time.

We look forward to each class week after week.